1948 gmc vin number locations

How to Interpret a Chevy Truck VIN

The engine number may be stamped near the distributor. Serial number should be found on the engine block.

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We'll get into that later, though. Trunk, etc.? My ownership says it's a GMC Hood maybe So if you have a special option,heavy-duty truck with the eight lug wheels, or a towing package, this is the digit that will tell you "Hey this vehicle has a special suspension and brake package. BB code is On. Ninth: The ninth digit is called a check digit. Re: vin locations for ADs How is the door gasket held on?

Also look on the floor inside the passenger door. Look to see that the number on the engine block is the same as the one under the passenger seat. This will keep you from getting the frame number mixed up with the actual VIN. Drivers side door hinge pillar will have the ID number. VIN should be on the right front door hinge on a plate.

Locations of VIN Plates and Stamps on Vintage Vehicles

The engine number may be on the crankcase to the rear of the distributor. Also on the cowl just above the firewall. The Serial number of the vehicle should be ten characters with both numerals and letter with the word Chevrolet on top of the plate. You should be able to find the Diamond T serial number under the hood on the drivers side of the cab. Also a Diamond T serial number should also be stamped on the passenger side frame. The VIN should be stamped on a plate attached to the left front door pillar.

The number should also be stamped near the front of the left frame side rail.

The Serial Number should be on top of frame just ahead of steering gear bracket. VIN should be found on the drivers side door pillar about half way up. There may also be a tag found on the cowl. Should have nine characters, numbers and letters with the word Pontiac on top of the plate. Look on the left frame side bar opposite the steering unit. It should also be stamped on the left frame rail over the rear axle.

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You should find the Serial Number on the frame at the top of the side rail. Look on the front passenger door hinge post. The plate you find will likely have a numbers with no letters. The DeSoto engine serial number on the models is stamped on the engine block on the left side above the generator and below the cylinder head. The body serial number should be found on the left front door post. Look for the serial numbers on the left frame side bar opposite the steering gear. Engine numbers were same as serial numbers and found on the crankcase.

Serial number location depends on engine. For the 6 and straight 8 it should be found on the upper left side of cylinder block. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Original Engine is Gone. Only a serial on Cowl tag. Is it stamped in the Frame somwhere? We need some help locating this so it can get Registered. The two that I worked on had a VIN stamped on the frame rail, drivers side top in the front near where the bumper bolts on.

Mine is a little newer but it pointed me in the right direction.

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Amanda Suckerpunch , Apr 12, Sorry, wish I could have helped, good luck. It was a nightmare to get mine changed and I still have the original motor. CA flat out told me, "sorry, no. Have you contacted the DMV about what it takes to get a title assigned? I would be hesitant to do much work until I knew there aren't any problems there. Without any numbers you could title it as a 49 or 50, as it really doesn't matter which year it is. The door gasket I'm referring to is the one the goes all the way around the opening.

In 49 they changed it from a screwed on type to a channel type.

This will matter when you go to replace them. From what I remember there are difference in the door windlace and the headliner. I will recommend that you order those parts from one of the stores that can tell you on the phone which parts you need.

Is that frame for a transplant? I see it's 5 lug.

Example Plates

Anyone here know the EXACT location for the VIN Number stamped in a I have a heavy duty GMC truck (10 ton) and the serial number. First, get the chassis serial number off the ID Plate. GMC used a system to identify ''59 trucks by series, then wheelbase, then chassis number. It brakes down.

I noticed the 8 lug wheels the other night. Is there a plate above lower hinge on the drivers side door jamb? If it isn't there you will probably see two staggered holes where it should be and it may be painted over due to a sloppy painter who didn't mask it off. It shoud have a number three letters and then more numbers Many states now use that as the vin number. Yeah I know where the plate should be but there's no plate and I do see the holes and it's not due to a moronic painter it has the original paint origial patina.

Those plates sometimes just fall off. Some of them were screwed on and the screws back out over time. Steve OldSub. Last edited by Steve OldSub. I'm not certain but that looks like the channel style windlace gasket. I'd say its the later cab. You'll know when you go to change it if you get the wrong stuff!

Thanks so much Dan I appreciate your help it's nice to be pretty close to confirmation.

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