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To access more emails, click the "" key above your Inbox and select the group of messages you would like to view. Downloading Attachments: Attachments are displayed at the top of your email message under the "To" field. To access an attachment, click the file name.

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You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate your inbox and messages, format text, and complete actions On PCs, you'll use Ctrl instead of ⌘. Compose & chat. Email Handyman keyboard shortcuts - our favourite shortcuts for Outlook, Gmail, Ctrl+Shift+V => move mail; Ctrl+E => search; Ctrl+N => compose; Ctrl+R => to set your own shortcut and be lightning fast in moving emails between folders.

This will enable a download prompt for you to save the attachment to your computer, or to open it directly from the message. Mark as Spam To mark a message as Spam, right click on the email within your Inbox, then select "Flag as Junk" from the menu. Alternately, you can also "drag" the selected messages with your mouse directly to the Junk folder. You can select a message without opening it by holding down the Ctrl button as you click. Want to send email to the spam folder? No problem. Need to quickly weigh in with your input on a group email thread?

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Composing an email has never been so simple. These tricks will help you craft that perfect email, format it, and add recipients. Adding a colleague? To highlight words or phrases, first use the up, down, left, and right buttons to bring your cursor to the beginning or end of the text you want to highlight.

Copy or paste the wrong piece of text? First, double click the word or highlight the phrase that you want to hyperlink or use the select text shortcut above. Need to transport from window to window? I did this but the message itself was not sent. This is just a guess, but from the sound of your question it sounds like you were composing an email, and then deleted it, lost it, the browser closed, or something to that effect. The drafts folder will hold auto-save versions of any email you are composing.

How To Make Emails Go To A Specific Folder Gmail

Your email client will be set to save on a certain timeframe, like every 5 minutes. I sat there flummoxed staring at my laptop mouth hanging open in dismay. Now there is no undo. I have mid sentence lost two very important gmails, never to be found again. I had saved some of it to notepad but not enough to make a cogent finish.

There must be a middle ground between instant save and long timed save. Click here to see the other versions.

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Get your nicely- worded sentence or paragraph back. So good to use!!!!! I have an Android. I tried to get it to send by going to another place and I lost it. Is it lost forever?

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Probably, but it depends on your email account. I wrote an email with out internet as my email page was open and I was over seas. When I got wifi I clicked save draft and it just loaded me back into the email page… nothing in my drafts… is there anyway for me to find this now? Did you look in the trash folder? Ctrl-z is undo. So the exact way it works is that if you have done something in the email program or almost any program for that matter Ctrl-z will undo the last action.

Often that screen will show you all the undo points available to you.

38 Gmail Tips That Will Help You Conquer Email

I accidentally deleted my entire Drafts section contents in Gmail 5 days ago — Is there anyway to restore those drafts? Thank you —. An interesting thing I found today.

I have just migrated to office 64Bit and a peculiar problem has shown up. If I reply to an email inline — not pop out and I start typing. I have been able to reproduce this problem consistently so I think that there is a bug in the microsoft outlook inline reply mechanism that causes this behaviour to occur. Steps to reproduce my problem are: 1. Usually if you go back to your inbox, you will see the email you were replying to with [DRAFT] next to it and you will be able to continue your response.

Nothing in the trash or other folders — nowhere! The entire mechanism is shut down.

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Please tell me — what may have happened here? Is there a way to restore my texts? But in general I can think of no way to recover. This works, but just found out that not always! What just happened to me: I could not, for the life of me, find my draft, not even attached to the original email I was replying to. After two hours composing! Drafts, Deleted, Sent folders. And there it was!!! You cannot imagine the relief!

They contain valuable info. Gail McL. Hello, The problem of the moment is also the issue of the year.

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On the right is something akin to programming language in my estimation. I saw an x at the top right, clicked it, and my email returns. My longtime question, is when something is working well, why do they tell you that the update or the upgrade will make it better? I find it is almost impossible to find things, or understand their new non-word instructions, and it extremely rare if it is in fact, an improvement. Using word processor or text editor to compose an email or a long comment in a web-form is a fantastic idea.

In most cases, you can use Notepad or Wordpad as they start up much quicker than Word. Keep in mind that I had been working long enough the draft had saved numerous times. You were right with your first statement not to trust any online provider not to lose your data. The advantage of a word processor is the auto-save. I keep mine to one minute. After reading this very helpful string of messages, I figured out how and why. And the Control Z recovered the lost text!!!!

Control A deletes everything. But, the Control Z does restore it so my sanity is preserved!! Great message thread!! Then the next key you type replaces the current selection. I have found that the only way to safeguard against letters disappearing is to start composing then put it drafts and complete the letter in drafts, works for me when I remember to go that way. I had been working on a draft all day and I would close and click on save draft. The last time I did this it was no longer in my drafts.

It disappeared. This was sad as it took me a good portion of the day to create. I have no energy to recreate the email right now so the person will have to wait. It did happen one other time and I was able to retrieve it on my phone. Not this time though and no I did not click on the wrong option, send or delete; it just is gone.

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Keeping windows of work in progress open — any work in progress — without at least a couple of extra steps is just asking for that work to be lost. I have found that the only way to safeguard against letters disappearing is to start composing then put it drafts and complete the letter in drafts, works for me when I remember to go that way. There is no limit to the number of aliases you may create; you may use two or more digits in your alias, and it will still work. Yes No. Clicking on the button again will allow you to add additional attachments. From the Help menu you can access the help and documentation pages, and see information about the current version of the Tuxedo TM webmail client. It is easy to break the code such that the file will not parse.