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A warrant search provides information on the wanted individual's name, the name of the judge who signed off on the warrant, the jurisdiction that issued the warrant, and the date the warrant was issued. Additional warrant information includes the individual's age, date of birth, known aliases, and a physical description. Arrest warrants issued in MT list the charges against the individual. A thorough background search includes a Warrant Search. Screening for active warrants provides valuable information for prospective employers considering a job candidate in Montana.

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Law enforcement agencies also rely on Warrant Searches to gain information about a suspect or someone's criminal history. The public can also use Warrant Lookups to learn if a neighbor, colleague, or acquaintance is wanted for a particular crime. Employers and landlords must conduct background searches in compliance with MT state privacy, employment, and housing laws.

Montana Warrant Search Public Records Warrant Search Montana Perform a free Montana public warrant search, including warrant records, checks, lookups, databases, inquiries, lists, and bench warrant searches.

Finding Montana Warrants Montana warrants are public records, which means anyone can perform a Warrant Search or lookup to identify active or prior warrants for any individual. Old URL.

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Email Address. Once again, you need to understand that you are approaching a government agency. This means that any active warrants in your name can lead to detention. As the name suggest, an inquiry of this nature will only get you details pertaining to the warrants issued in the name of the subject. Yes, the local law enforcement agency maintains a database of all arrest warrants issued locally, including any bench warrants. Moreover, the police also have access to the federal repository of active warrants. This database has information on all outstanding warrants from across the country, including the most wanted lists of federal and state law enforcement agencies.

Will a State Wide warrants search get you information on all types of arrest orders? However, they are not obligated to share this information with you. In fact, more often than not, they will not provide information that pertains to felonies and dangerous criminals, lest the inquirer try to detain the subject.

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In the same vein, they may not tell you about any out-of-town outstanding warrants that they find in the name of the subject. In fact, the judicial agency may not offer warrant information at all, opting instead to stick with a formal crime history report. Frequently, a background search from the judiciary will only get you details on arrests that eventually resulted in convictions and the time served in such matters.

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How can information on arrest warrants be accessed from county, state and federal agencies? Some law enforcement agencies put up a warrant list on their websites.

However, even if such a facility is offered, the warrants included in the online list rarely go back to more than a few years. Many law enforcement offices do not provide information on warrants online. In such cases, you will have the option of going to their office in person or writing to them or initiating a formal warrant inquiry through their website, if this is allowed. But in all these scenarios, you will not get a warrant list. The information will be limited to the subject of your inquiry.

As you may have already figured out, anonymity certainly helps when launching a warrant search. Plus, any inquiry about warrants that is launched through state and federal agencies will be restricted by jurisdiction, in terms of both geography and the type of cases and criminals that the agency is allowed to handle.

If you want to find arrest warrants from all over the country and launch the inquiry anonymously, your best bet is to go with reliable private information provider. Montana is the 4th largest in area, the 8th least populous, and the 3rd least densely populated of the 50 U. The western half of Montana contains numerous mountain ranges.

About Glacier County, Montana

Smaller island ranges are found throughout the state. In total, 77 named ranges are part of the Rocky Mountains.

The eastern half of Montana is characterized by western prairie terrain and badlands. The economy is primarily based on agriculture, including ranching and cereal grain farming. Other significant economic resources include oil, gas, coal, hard rock mining, and lumber. The health care, service, and government sectors also are significant to the state's economy.

The state's fastest-growing sector is tourism. Various indigenous peoples lived in the territory of the present-day state of Montana for thousands of years.

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Historic tribes encountered by Europeans and settlers from the United States included the Crow in the south-central area; the Cheyenne in the very southeast; the Blackfeet, Assiniboine and Gros Ventres in the central and north-central area; and the Kootenai and Salish in the west. The smaller Pend d'Oreille and Kalispel tribes lived near Flathead Lake and the western mountains, respectively. A part of southeastern Montana was used as a corridor between the Crows and the related Hidatsas in North Dakota.

The land in Montana east of the continental divide was part of the Louisiana Purchase in Subsequent to and particularly in the decades following the Lewis and Clark Expedition, American, British and French traders operated a fur trade, typically working with indigenous peoples, in both eastern and western portions of what would become Montana.

These dealings were not always peaceful, and though the fur trade brought some material gain for indigenous tribal groups it also brought exposure to European diseases and altered their economic and cultural traditions.

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The Warrant List is, as its name suggests, the list of people who have outstanding warrants in Municipal Court. The updated list is usually posted on Fridays. Outstanding Warrants List. Outstanding Warrants for Glendive City Court. Below is a list of people who have outstanding warrants in Glendive City Court. The list.

The first permanent settlement by Euro-Americans in what today is Montana was St. Mary's near present-day Stevensville. The first gold discovered in Montana was at Gold Creek near present-day Garrison in A series of major mining discoveries in the western third of the state starting in found gold, silver, copper, lead, coal and later oil that attracted tens of thousands of miners to the area.

The richest of all gold placer diggings was discovered at Alder Gulch, where the town of Virginia City was established. The largest mining operations were in the city of Butte, which had important silver deposits and gigantic copper deposits. Before the creation of Montana Territory — , various parts of what is now Montana were parts of Oregon Territory — , Washington Territory — , Idaho Territory — , and Dakota Territory — Demographics Montana population density map Historical population Census Pop.

According to the Census, Montana has a larger Native American population numerically and percentage-wise than most U. Although the state ranked 45th in population according to the U. Census , it ranked 19th Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. February Learn how and when to remove this template message Constitution [ edit ] Montana is governed by a constitution.

The first constitution was drafted by a constitutional convention in , in preparation for statehood.