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2020 Best Criminal Justice & Corrections Schools in Texas

Legal Studies BS. The Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies degree program at South University provides students with a number of academic options. Students with no prior paralegal education may take the full baccalaureate program.

Leading Criminal Justice Schools in Texas for 2017

Special Admission Requirements If you are interested in applying to the graduate program or for the graduate certificate, please visit the graduate admission website. They see your face every day and learn your name. Midwestern State University. Long recognized as a military-friendly school, Brandman offers active military, veterans, and their spouses discounted tuition and up to 46 transfer credits for military experience. University of the Incarnate Word. V's up! Students can choose elective classes in genetics, forensic data analysis, gangs, and toxicology to build competencies in areas of particular interest.

Paralegal Studies AS. The Paralegal degree program is designed to provide educational training for individuals to serve as paralegals or legal assistants. The Paralegal degree consists of specialized course work and a supervised externship in selected legal settings such as law firms, real estate and title companies, banks and state or federal governmental agencies.

Practical training from the South University Paralegal degree program prepares graduates working under the supervision of a licensed attorney to perform many tasks in a legal office, including but not limited to, interviewing clients and witnesses, preparing legal documents and otherwise assisting attorneys with the preparation of their cases. Grand Canyon University.

Program Descriptions B. The fascinating and expansive arena of law represents diversity among academic backgrounds.

1. Rutgers University-Newark

Research top Texas criminal justice schools and degrees in Texas. See TX criminal justice salary info and career outlook data. Criminal Justice & Corrections degrees in Texas cost anywhere from $56, to $, depending on financial aid packages and accessibility of in-state.

From the paralegal professions to the demanding rigor of law school, the legal domain shares a common set of interdisciplinary themes that are essential for success in these disciplines. Rooted in the study of politics, policy and law, GCU's government degree in legal studies blends an interdisciplinary curriculum with communication, philosophy and business.

It serves as a pre-law degree that offers a foundation in ethical leadership and the knowledge to excel in law school. As the 21st century drives us forward, a push toward greater transparency and effective governance reflects upon the standing of distinguished policy makers and administrators in the legislative branches. The age of information and the innovative, open forums of communication — blogs, social media and the internet as a whole — demand a comprehensive understanding of the political forces in this arena.

The bachelor's degree in government for state and local public policy envisions strong political leadership, which improves and makes a difference in the lives of people in their communities. The program, which serves as an alternative to a political science degree, explores the scope of governance and democracy through patterns of political behavior. Graduates will be able to describe the components of the justice system from a systems perspective, including function, organization, issues, practices, and interrelationship of law enforcement agencies, the courts, and the corrections system.

The program emphasizes the fundamentals of emergency management while providing an interdisciplinary course of study in the skills and practices of emergency planning and management. Candidates for the degree include those working in or desirous of working in one of several fields, including emergency management, fire protection, emergency medical response, law enforcement, environmental health and safety, and other related fields.

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The program highlights the application of research methodology; the utilization of communication skills at the personal, professional, and public level; and the development of professional skills and knowledge in the fields of public safety and emergency management. Students learn to integrate a conceptual foundation for an executive leadership role that emphasizes the immediate application of ethical and practical leadership skills as well as disaster preparation and crisis management.

Environmental issues directly related to leadership skills development and content required of leaders in the area of emergency public safety and disaster preparedness will also be addressed. The Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in Government and Policy prepares students for careers in the public sector. The program is targeted at individuals working or desirous of finding employment in all levels of government. The core coursework gives students the opportunity to apply administrative skills in the areas of economics, leadership, human capital development, and governance within the public sector environment.

Emphasis courses will challenge students to identify and provide solutions for the unique issues facing public sector organizations in the areas of financial management, inter-agency cooperation, policy and law. How many Texas schools offer online Criminal Justice degrees? Sign up to save your favorites. Sam Houston State University.

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Based on 24 Reviews. University of North Texas. Based on 44 Reviews. The University of Texas at San Antonio. Based on 20 Reviews. The University of Texas at Arlington. Based on 40 Reviews. Texas State University. Based on 36 Reviews. Texas Christian University. Based on 12 Reviews. University of Houston-Downtown. Lamar University. Based on 8 Reviews. Lamar University Beaumont, TX. South Texas College. El Paso Community College. The University of Texas at El Paso. Central Texas College. San Antonio College. Palo Alto College. Students can study everything from dental hygiene to nursing to bioethics.

Backed by a world-class faculty and a dedicated online staff, students will have no trouble meeting their educational goals. One of the best things about the University of the Incarnate Word is the number of degrees that are now conferred online. Students can choose from a variety of degrees and certificates at all levels of education. Fields of study include psychology, public administration, health sciences, criminal justice, and human resources.

This school believes in a familial atmosphere, no matter the delivery method of education, so each program caps class sizes at 15 students.

Along with a committed online staff and renown instructors, students will find the exceptional education they have always been looking for. Fields of study include counseling, social work, business administration, and nursing. This school is nationally ranked in a number of categories by U. News and World Report. Class sizes are capped at just 10 students per course, making it easier than ever to engage with classmates and professors. Students who complete an online degree at Concordia University at Austin will be in a great position to compete in an evolving workforce.

This school confers online degrees and certificates at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Fields of study include psychology, communication studies, business administration, and criminal justice and criminology. Students will have access to small class sizes, experienced instructors trained in online education, and a committed online staff.

Students at this school will be able to earn online undergraduate and graduate degrees as a hybrid or fully online program. Fields of study include computer information systems, criminal justice, interior design, and agriculture business and management. More degrees are being offered every year, with new ones already announced for Online degrees are in an enviable position to provide students with every career pathway possible in the United States and, in many cases, all over the world.

There is simply no limit to what a student can accomplish with an online degree; the only limit is the one that the student places on themselves and their goals. In fact, online degrees are so useful that employers are actively encouraging their employees to complete one in order to help with their careers.

But, if online education can lead to all careers is a rule, there are always exceptions. Some careers, such as a medical or law profession, will require an on-campus degree at some point. These degrees are considered to be terminal education and will help students become licensed to practice these professionals.

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However, they must be completed on a campus because students will need to undertake supervised hands-on training that can only be completed at a specialist school. Yes, it is currently possible to earn an online dual degree. There are caveats to this, which students should consider before undertaking the endeavor. Many schools offer dual degrees on campus but not online.

This is because schools may not have two offerings which would make sense for a dual degree. This type of program is generally found in business or computer science but may be difficult to find when crossing fields, such as trying to earn a degree in business and in one of the humanities. Schools that offer online dual degrees will generally have this reflected on the school website. Degree type matters as well. Alternatively, it may be possible to enter a program that offers an undergraduate and graduate degree, although these cannot be conferred concurrently due to the nature of undergraduate and graduate degree requirements.

Students will need to keep in mind that the school must already confer both degrees online in order for them to appeal to the school for a dual degree program. Finally, dual degrees are conferred concurrently; students will need to complete both sets of degree requirements at the same time so that they can graduate with both degrees. Therefore, students who work full-time and have personal responsibilities will need to weigh the necessity of earning dual degrees against the responsibilities that are already on their plate. It is best to consider that earning dual degrees is twice the coursework of one degree, which may not be a worthwhile effort for a student who already has a busy schedule.

Online class sizes, on average, tend to be smaller than on-campus classes for several reasons. The popularity of a program, class cap size and degree designation play the biggest role in how big a class size can be in any given online program. The good news is that this means more individualized attention for students who would oftentimes be lost in the crowd on campus. The popularity of a program and the selectiveness of a school for the program play a role in class sizes. Undergraduate and graduate programs in business, education, and nursing are often the most popular, but other programs, such as psychology, social work and human resource management are still popular.

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However, the number of students applying to the program varies; the number of students who are accepted into the program is up to the school. This is because many online programs are just as selective as their on-campus counterparts, making it difficult for many students to make the cut to enter the program.


The second factor is the class cap size. However, online programs also cap the number of students in the entire program, making the online student body significantly smaller than the on-campus program. Finally, degree designation plays the final role.